LEADERSHIP Technology leadership can be complex no matter what stage a company is at.
Let Polymathic tailor strategy to your life cycle, budget, and challenges.

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

Polymathic has document storage solutions in multiple locations within the United States, including New York, Houston, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas. Polymathic keeps all information with the utmost confidentiality and security. Digital files are warehoused in protected environments, and physical documents are held in secure document facilities. These facilities include end to end pick up, transport, and storage as well as destroying of documents should the need arise.


Polymathic has served various roles in corporate leadership and technology management, ranging from global engineering team management and resource planning, to C- level interim leadership on early and mid stage technology ventures.

Corporate Leadership

  • Interim CTO, CIO Services
  • Early Stage Technology Startups
  • Planning, Pitching, Competitive advantage
  • Product Road Maps
  • Market Analysis, Project Management
  • Mergers and Acquisition

Management Services

  • Project Management
  • Technology Road Maps and Strategy
  • OEM and Customer Interaction
  • Supply Chain
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